Thei Duh Hrang: Ralkap Dinmi UEC Thar Meeting Ih Tel Party 59 Pawl Tarlang A Si

Ralkap dinmi UEC thar hnuaiah meeting vei hnihnak cu may 21 ah tuah a si ih Myanmar ramsung party 93 hrawng um ih relmi ah party 59 cu meeting an kai tiah ramsung media picang pawl in an tarlang. Cumi ah CNLD hmin khal a tel ih CNLD lam cun an theihpi loin Pu No Than Kap cu amai thuten a rak kai tiah an ti.

UEC meeting ih tel party 59 pawl cu Union Solidarity and Development Party, National Unity Party, Pa-O National League, Rakhine State National Forces Party, Democracy and Peace Party, National League of Political Parties, Modern People’s Party, Inn National Development Party, National Democratic Force Party, New National Democratic Party, Mon Unity Party, Asho Chin National Party,

Myanmar Farmers Development Party, Lisu National Development Party (Kneeling Party), Myanmar Farmers and Workers People’s Party, People’s Benefit Students Party, Shan Red (Tai Lian) Solidarity Party, 88 Generation Democracy Party, Modern Union Party, Zo Ethnic Regional Development Party, Women’s Party (Mon)

Union Farmers’ Labor Force Party, People’s Labor Party, National United Democratic Party, Rakhine Leading Party, Party for the Promotion of the Basic Life, Chin National League for Democracy Party, New Democracy Party (Kachin), People’s Pioneer Party, United Nationalities Democracy Party,

Ein National League Party, Wa National Party, Urban Ethnic Development Party, Kokang Democracy and Unity Party, Democratic Party (Myanmar), Ta’ang (Palaung) National Party, Shan Nationalities Democratic Party ,Wunthanu Democratic Party, Diversity and Peace Party, Phalon-Swar Democratic Party,

Khami National Development Party, National Development and Peace Party, Burmese People’s Party, Urban Ethnic Party, Democracy and Human Rights Party, ​​National Progressive Party, Federal Union Party, Danu National League Party, New Society Party, Lawvaw National Unity and Development Party, Akha National Development Party, National Progressive Party, People’s Party,

Myanmar People’s Democratic Party, Karen National Democratic Party, People’s Party, Union Welfare Party, National Political Democratic Party le People’s Power Party pawl an si.

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